Answer me this

What would you like to see on this site?


Hey TOP, you ever gonna add more sections under the "Rig" portion of peoples' profiles so we can list our ENTIRE machine specs?

Formatting Problems

Man Tony, Everytime I come to the site the formatting gets worse!  The Recent comments are all over the place.  Brandon's posts are all messed up.  What's going on?

I think...

...Gordy's just trying to pick out the bad things on your site, Tony, because he wants people to go back to his UNUPDATED4LIKE4YEARS LAN website!

Still better than Brandon!

Brandon, you're just jealous because even though my computer is more than 3 years old, it's still better than the one you just paid $10,000 for a week ago.  Ha!  It's soooo hard being THIS good!

That must be it!


Trade/Sell Page

We need somewhere to post up stuff for sale/barter.

Go Hang a Salami

A vote for what are the best LAN party games.

Fish Tacos

A link to Fat Gordy's LAN chat, of course.