Vote for the LAN party date

Vote for weekends you can definitely make it. We'll probably have a runoff later. You must create an account to vote. Don't vote for like two dates if you can really make a bunch of them.

Call it!

So do we have enough votes to call this thing yet? Looks like the weekend of March 30th to me. Any objections?

Sounds good to me

I voted for that weekend, and it seems most others did as well.

Change my vote


change my vote to from Feb 9th to Feb 2nd. Our show got pushed back a week.

gimme time...

I vote for the weekends at the end of March so I can upgrade my beast finally!

Fatts McGee

Amy's Birthday is Feb 10th so I'm out for that weekend.

Feb. 2nd, 3rd

Slow Andy has a show on the 2nd. Its possible my votes will change pending on the bands schedule.