What Games Are We Playing?

Comment and tell me what games we're going to play at the LAN. That way everyone can get them installed and ready ahead of time.

One thing I know

Most of us folks don't have uber gaming rigs. We need to be mindful of folks that have older machines.

With that said:

Savage is a must, and considering it's a free download now it should be easy to get.

I wouldn't mind trying Counterstrike source out as well. Call of Duty 2 is decent. Star Wars: Battlefront. Dawn of War.

"Uber Gaming Rigs"

Then people should buy my rig that I'm selling so I can build my next beast! Same price as before. $1200 with the Audigy 4 Sound Card or $1000 without it.

Not just the standard card, bud


The package for the Pro card, which is what I have, is still going for $270 on Newegg and other sites.

Nice try though...

It's both, I think

From what I can tell, it's a strategy game that has single player, multiplayer and the "normal" modes as most games.  But I could be wrong...or lying to you just to steer you in the wrong direction...lol.

Counterstrike Source

Is CS source any good?  Now that it's pretty cheap, I'm wondering if we should upgrade.  Also, the first Savage was really fun.  Is the second one any good?  If so, we should definitely buy it.  Also, definitely Supreme Commander.

Do your OWN research FATS!

Just kidding.  CS: Source is very good.  It's pretty much just Counter-Strike with much better graphix.  The 2nd Savage isn't out yet.  Not sure when, but soon.  And Supreme Commander looks sweet as all %^!#@.               Your welcome...

how cheap is pretty cheap? 

how cheap is pretty cheap?  we're prob not gonna get everyone to get it unless it's free...  I wouldn't mind playing a new counterstrike though...


All the sites I checked (i.e. EBGames, Sam Goody, Walmart, etc) it was $29.99.  It's not too bad, but Timmah's probably right.  Unless it's free, not everybody is going to have a copy.  They should, since it'll be one of the most played at any of our LAN parties, but that's just wishful thinking.