lanageddon2007 tentative date

The tentative date of Mar. 30th, 31st has been selected. So get your machine upgraded or sell the piece of shit you have now and buy something new.

Also, please let me know as soon as you can if this date does not work for you so we can reschedule and let everyone know. Please let me know by Jan. 31st.

Sometime shortly after Jan. 31st I will make the date official. Then you all can make sure you have off etc ...



...that date should work for just about everyone.  Hey Tony, why can't anybody but you and Fatty post a thread on the main page?  What kinda facist crap is that?

You should be able to

You have the same settings as Gordy. When you log in you don't see a 'create content' link?


Didn't notice that was the link to post on the main page...kinda confusing.