Sequel to Savage is coming out

Check out

It also appears they are making the original Savage freeware, so get it installed awhile fools.

Vote for the LAN party date

Vote for weekends you can definitely make it. We'll probably have a runoff later. You must create an account to vote. Don't vote for like two dates if you can really make a bunch of them.

Answer me this

What would you like to see on this site?

lanageddon2007 promo video

I am working on a crew to do a promo video for the upcoming LAN. Jamie K. is going to do the voice over. I need some folks who will let me come over to their place for a couple minutes and tape them playing some games. Also, anyone else who want to help, let me know. is here; now we must prepare

Ok, so now that this site is up we can start talking dates for lanageddon2007.

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