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Another one bites the dust...

Well, y'all, looks like another LAN has come and gone, and it seems as if the gaming spirit is slowly dying amongst us all.  We had some fun, but, as is probably no surprise anymore, not many people showed up until late, if at all.  This was basically the "Supreme Commander LAN" since that was all we played, save for a few games of Savage per request.  This was the last LAN party that I'll be attending for some time, if ever again.  For those who don't know, I just signed a contract to work overseas again, this time in the Middle East.  I'm planning on being there for a good long time so I can save up towards my film ambitions.  As long as I make it unscathed I'll be home every 6 months or so for a week or two, but we all know how difficult it is to plan a LAN with little notice and scheduling difficulties.  Seems as if the dedication just isn't there anymore for our PC gaming community.

What time will you be at the LAN?

I've already gotten approval for a day off from work on Friday, March 30th. Topper said he's doing the same, so I'll most likely be over to start setting up for the LAN as early as he'll allow. I'm hoping for late morning or very early afternoon. TOPPER, let me know when! So when is everyone else planning on showing up and staying until? I'll be there till late Sunday whenever it's done...

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