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2007's Most Anticipated Games: Debate Anyone?

I wanted to start an intelligent discussion on what games people are keeping an eye on and why. Here's a short list of some games I can't wait for:

  • Crysis - Looks to be one of the most gorgeous FPS games coming out. Some of the gameplay ideas are pretty sweet too.
  • Unreal Tournament 2007 - check this out:
  • Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl - I want to play this because it seems like an excellent way to combine several different genres of games. FPS, RPG, Strategy-non civ-builder are just a few things this game seems to offer.
  • Spore - I can see myself playing this game RELIGOUSLY. Cartoony graphix, sure, but that engine seems to fit the game more so then, say, the Crysis engine that is designed to show off only a couple of environments.  For more:
  • Savage 2 - Looks like they took the original and made some graphic advances with it...but that's about it. There's nothing wrong with not screwing with something good.
  • LOTR Online (might actually stick with this MMORPG) - Mainly because I'm an LOTR freak, but also because this has been in the works for so long, it's bound to be least, it BETTER be!

Anyone else have some games they're waiting for?

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